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Masha Levina

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Suite 205
18337 Milford, PA
Phone: 570-832-2123

About Me

Founder of Multidimensional Transformation - a newly emerged consciousness technology that allows individuals and groups to experience a vibrational shift toward healthier state of being on all levels. This system focuses on shifting subconscious beliefs that hold you back, releasing energy flow blockages, expanding your consciousness, accessing healing power of mind and body, encouraging creative growth, improving overall health and wellness. Besides Multidimensional Transformation I practice Nutrition Counseling using kinesiology-based health evaluation system called Nutrition Response Testing. This non-invasive system of analyzing the body allows me to determine the underlying biochemical causes of non-optimum health. Each client receives an individualized program based on the results of his/her analysis. The program matches the exact needs of their body through diet and nutritional supplementation. The supplements used are made from concentrated foods, which provide the body with tools to repair itself, exactly as Nature intended.


Certified Clinical Nutritionist

Practices / Services

Mutldimensional Transformation
Nutritional Counseling

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