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Lillian Kui

House Calls?



11373 Elmhurst, NY

About Me

I am a certified and licensed workshop leader and life coach whose spiritual beliefs are aligned with Louise Hay’s and believe that life is an ever-growing continuum. I first learned about Louise Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life” through a friend and knew instantly that this was a huge discovery for me. After reading the book a few times over, I began to make changes in my life that lead to a realization that I and everyone else are the creators of our reality and that we can change it if we choose to. I continued to study and research these spiritual ideas and topics and was ultimately inspired to teach these ideas to other people as well so that everyone can live the life they truly want. I now lead Heal Your Life workshops in New York City and offer one-on-one personal coaching as well.


Heal Your Life Workshop Leader and Life Coach

Practices / Services

Life coaching
Workshop facilitator
Seminar Leader

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