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Dawn Steller

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07069 Watchung, NJ
Phone: 908-531-2458

About Me

I am a Master-Teacher of traditional Usui Reiki, and have been practicing for over 18 years. My mission is to help you to expand your awareness and you become more capable of perceiving the richness that life offers. Reiki is a practice that benefits body, mind and spirit. Through inner exploration, Reiki awakens creativity, healing, and transformation. We spend most of our lives looking outward to the world, believing that the source of happiness, peace, and fulfillment lies external to ourselves. Reiki allows us to explore our essential inner nature, restoring the memory of wholeness in our lives. The flow of energy will open your mind to the possibility that you can take control of your life and your body in ways you never imagined were possible.


Reiki Master-Teacher

Practices / Services

Reiki Classes, Private Reiki Session, Meditation class

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