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Vyolet Albano

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18330 Effort, PA
Phone: 570-619-6016

About Me

Vyolet is a lightworker who is very connected to animals. She practices as an animal healthcare and rehab practitioner using her certified training in Reiki (Master), Canine Medical Massage, Matrix Energetics and Organ Regeneration through consciousness. She serves as an animal communicator for people to understand their pet’s needs. She has evolved in this practice by also assisting the pet owner to accept when the pet needs to transition into spirit-soul world. The animal is grateful for this gift that assists them in crossing the Rainbow Bridge into the Creator’s Realm of Peace. Vyolet also uses her training in Matrix Energetics, Reiki and Organ Regeneration to assist people. She also teaches many of the modalities she practices.


Reiki Master-Teacher
Canine Massage
Psychic Development -Teacher
Inter-Species Communication Specialist

Practices / Services

Canine Medical Massage
Animal Communication
Organ Regeneration
Quantum Energetics
Energy Therapies
Animal Transition Assistence Facilitator

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